Working Hard Does Not Work

"Working Hard Does Not Work"

If you're anything like me, you've probably been told:

"if you want to get ahead in life you have to work hard."


That's something called "conventional wisdom".

But, as you probably already know, the trouble with conventional wisdom is that it's usually not "wise" at all.

So, since conventional wisdom isn't wise how about some "unconventional wisdom" instead?

Here it is... "Working Hard Does Not Work" I mean, here's the thing...

You probably work hard, right? (nobody says no to that question)

So then... are you wealthy?

Or, more importantly... ... are you financially independent?

-> Financial independence means you don't have to wake up to a loud alarm clock...

-> You don't need to fight traffic to go to work

-> You decide where and when you work, and if you don't feel like working you can take the day off

-> You don't have to answer to anyone else ever (except maybe your spouse)

-> You no longer need to hope your boss will notice your hard work and give you a raise

-> Financial independence means you never have to worry about money again... Ever.

Here's what the average person's life looks like: The alarm clock wakes you up. You wipe the sleep from your eyes, shower and get dressed for work...

You fight the traffic for 30 minutes or more... ...adding another stressful hour or so to your workday

You work harder than your co-worker, but... at the end of the week you both get the same pay.

Maybe you get a promotion, maybe not... ...probably not.

The odds of hard-working your way to financial independence while working for someone else is probably about as good as your odds of winning the lottery.

"Working Hard Does Not Work"

So, if working hard doesn't work, what does?

Working smart.

Working smart these days means getting involved in a program that allows you to have extra income, tax deductions, opportunity to build up savings, own things that increase in value, and it enables you to use other people's hard work and money to do it.

It all really boils down to one question...

Would you rather work hard or work smart?

--> Here's a way to work smart

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