Remote Day Care?

Before Covid-19 the idea of remote day care would have seemed quite strange and totally unnecessary.

And yet here we are. In a situation none of us even thought remotely possible a while ago…

Parents are forced to stay at home and many are trying to work from home to still earn a living.

Not coping trying to work from home

Worries about money, while trying to cope with frustrated kids make the situation even worse…

Broke no money






Kids are bored and want more attention than ever!







Day care centres had to close their doors, resulting in many people losing their jobs and income.

Deserted day care centre







Could remote day care be the solution? I really believe it could and I have a way to do it!

Imagine this:

Kids are entertained, engaged and learning at home for a few hours a day.







Parents have time to do what they need to do without kids constantly interrupting.

working on the computer

Day Care centres provides a remote service that helps kids, parents and themselves!

Sounds good? Is that something that would interest you as a parent or day care provider?Thums up






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